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23 August, 2016
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showUP is a Dutch trade show for home & gifts where big brands, starting labels and young designers show off their goods to buyers and press. Forecasting agency Jan Trendman inspired visitors with 4 trends and colour palettes for next season:


Joline van den Oever_showUP_Mindcraft

Mindcraft - Our physical worlds are melting together with our digital worlds. Take Pokémon Go as the most recent example. A new young generation of designers, born as digital natives, are using new techniques such as 3D printing and virtual reality. They are using photoshop techniques in the real world and are applying real life filters into their lives which results in an explosion of colours. During her trend lecture, Jantine Benschop of Bureau Jan Trendman, showed a movie of Google's new 'Tilt Brush'. It's definitely worth checking out and shows a new way of being creative with digital tools.


Joline van den Oever_showUP_White Spots

White Spots - We are looking for peace and calm in an era of screens, digital devices and being online 24/7. We are going back to basics, back to the source and the beginning of time. Patterns and colours are inspired by natural processes such as mold, erosion and oxidation. The 'farm to table' concept is making its way from a food trend to a design trend. Sustainability is key and consumers are demanding more information about where their products come from.


Joline van den Oever_showUP_Extraordinary day

Extraordinary Day - The ordinary becomes extraordinary. Less becomes more by working with extremely monotone designs and just one colour family. Light wood, natural surfaces and soft colours conquered their place in the world of design. Hailing from the middle east, concepts such as minimalism, efficiency and balance are showing us how to live a lighter life.


Joline van den Oever_showUP_Art Expose

Art Exposé - History works as a mirror for society. Artists have been stealing each other's ideas for ages and our digital world makes it extremely easy to copy. Designers are looking for ways to dig up old trends and give them a new life. Marble textures, gold, floral prints, Chinese patterns and leather have made their comeback. In contrast to the 'Extraordinary Day' trend, the theme of Art Exposé seems to be 'more is more'.


Favourite designs

The products I like to focus on always seem to be designed in a clever way, with a funny touch. Or merely just beautifully made. I selected 10 favourite brands ands products:


Joline van den Oever_showUP_Zakkia 1 Joline van den Oever_showUP_Zakkia 2

Australian homeware label Zakkia creates minimal designs with the use of beautiful raw materials (fits right into the Extraordinary Day trend).


Joline van den Oever_showUP_DOIY Design

Spanish gift label DOIY design always puts a smile on my face. This fishbowl is a new addition to their collection and will be available soon.


Joline van den Oever_showUP_TieApron

Andres Labi designed the TieApron, as the name already suggests: a combination between a tie and an apron.


Joline van den Oever_showUP_The Real Wine Gum

Probably the best gift for wine lovers: these wine gums taste like actual wine. They come in the flavours of red, white and rosé wine.


Joline van den Oever_showUP_Toast Living

Definitely the prettiest tea infuser I have ever seen, by Toast Living.


Joline van den Oever_showUP_Design Loves You

Show your love for design by wearing a Thonet chair necklace or a Jieldé lamp brooch, by Design Loves You.


Joline van den Oever_showUP_Klevering

Thanks to Klevering I am already looking forward to christmas time.


Joline van den Oever_showUP_WinyBar

Bag-in-box wine is increasing in popularity but doesn't really look great on your table or kitchen bar. This is where the Winybar tap comes in, it covers the wine bag and keeps it cool.


Joline van den Oever_showUP_Misc Store

The type of thing you don't need - at all - but still want to have: these dog clips by Midori.


Joline van den Oever_showUP_Jasmin Djerzic

Last but not least: The Flying Dutchman lamp by Jasmin Djerzic.

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Featured Image
Eén miljoen woningen zijn nodig om de wooncrisis op te lossen. Voor wie een nieuw huis wist te bemachtigen of zijn eigen huis nog maar eens besluit te verbouwen verzamelde ik de ‘hardware’, ook …
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© Copyright 2023 Joline van den Oever